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Twinwoods Adventure 4DVR – Indoor Skydiving

The brand new, fully-immersive VR 4D Skydive experience is now here. A truly exciting addition to indoor skydiving, it combines the standard skydiving experience with innovative VR technology to simulate a ‘real’ plane jump.

A complete world first, this stunning skydiving experience is entirely exclusive to Twinwoods Adventure from the time of launch. Tried and tested by world champions and professional teams such as ourselves, the Red Devils. It’s an absolute must for new and experienced skydivers alike.

Mixing the power of their wind tunnel (which generates windspeeds up to 180mph) with astonishingly realistic visuals, VR 4D Skydive is the ultimate thrill-seeking experience. Not only will it look like you’re jumping from a plane, it will also feel remarkably realistic too.

With their first package, you will experience breathtaking views from the skies above California during your VR 4D Skydive. During the memorable experience, you will freefall for 1 minute; before you and your fellow virtual skydivers open your parachutes.

You’ll be blown away by how similar it is to the real thing – and the preparation only adds to the experience. To ensure that you get the most from your experience, you’ll undertake a full briefing before flying.

You’ll then enjoy 4 practice flights, before being provided with a jumpsuit, harness, parachute and full-face VR skydiving helmet for the main event.

Please note that in the coming months, they will be launching further VR 4D Skydive experiences too!