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The Red Devils Flag - Mount Everest Base Camp

This is Cpl Nathan Connolly on my story about reaching Mount Everest Base Camp.

"Reaching Base Camp was no mean feat.. but a breathtaking experience none the less!"

"At Base Camp holding the Red Devils Flag"

We flew into Kathmandu, on the 12th of October 2017 then had a day to sort out our stuff before we were meant to fly into Lukla airport (the most dangerous in the world), however after taking off we had to land as the weather had got too bad to see.

We had to sit around on the airfield for a few hours before trying again, however once again it got cancelled and we were told to come back the next day.

The next morning the weather was not much better but our guide had somehow managed to sort us out a Helicopter to get us up there.

"Heli waiting let's get going!"

The next few days consisted of trekking between 7 and 8 hrs a day up and down slowly acclimatising ourselves, some days we would only go up a few hundred metres, other days we would climb quite a lot then drop back down and have to stay at that location for two days, just doing small climbs.

"Taking a few moments out to admire the view!"

As we got closer to Base Camp we noticed a lot more Helicopters and it was only when we mentioned this to our guide that he told us that this was people being airlifted off the mountain due to altitude sickness.

The day we got to Base Camp 5,364 metres i.e 17,598 ft (we parachute from around 13,000 ft) it was just an amazing feeling knowing that we had got there without injury (after seeing quite a few, also people turning back)..

"Sharing the journey with other adventurers"

The hardest part for me personally was the next morning when we climbed Kala Patthar which is 5,643 metres we started climbing at 04.00 hrs in pitch black with head torches straight up for about 2 and a half hours. All of our water bottles had frozen and when we finally reached the top it was so cold we could only stay for about 15 minutes! It then took about an hour and a half to get back down to some warmth. To reach Lukla airport it took us a few days from which we flew out back to Kathmandu.

The whole experience has been mega! Completing this trip had been on my list for many years and having finally been able to achieve it I was thrilled to bits.

Cpl Nathan Connolly