The Red Devils carry out more than 60 spectacular parachute displays each year at public events worldwide. Take a look at the Videos of our previous  jumps and check the list of Displays to see when the team are in your area.

The team can jump by day or night onto land or water into a variety of arenas and stadia, as long as it's safe and technically possible weather permitting we'll do it. We're also versatile in that if you have an idea for your special event such as us jumping in wearing your team's strip or perhaps delivering a match ball or a special gift for a VIP we would be very happy to discuss it with you...the sky is literally the limit!

Following every display the team will be available to meet guests, spectators and members of the public - to answer questions on life in the team, The Parachute Regiment (and British Army), as well as tandem and general skydiving courses.

If you are interested in booking the team for a display at your event, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.