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The Red Devils, formed in 1964, are the official parachute display team of the British Army and The Parachute Regiment. The team is currently 15 men strong - all full time serving paratroopers, who return to combat duties when required during their posting with the team.

As professional skydivers we perform over 350 tandem parachute descents, and 60 public displays each year in the UK and internationally, into charity, sporting, military and social events. 


We are recognised to be at the forefront of Canopy Formation Displays globally and are often requested to perform at international events. We also conduct around 350 tandem parachute descents every year, the majority of which raise money to support charitable aims. 

In 1963 sport parachuting was in its infancy, but within airborne forces most units had formed small freefall clubs.


Parachute displays were relatively novel events but were in increasing demand at both civilian and military shows and so clearly had considerable recruiting potential. On January 1st 1964 Edward Gardener assumed the appointment of Officer Commanding The Parachute Regiment Free Fall Display Team (the name Red Devils came later) with a small office in Regimental Headquarters in Maida Barracks, Aldershot. 


The Red Devils have been the official parachute display team of the British Army and the Parachute Regiment since 1979.



The transition from Paratrooper to Red Devils comes after a rigorous two week section cadre on which eligible candidates' suitability is tested.  This involves seeing how they can interact with the public, complete the complicated technical recces required to conduct public parachute displays, and of course their skydiving ability!  Team members will then serve between 3-5 years on the team where they will hopefully display qualify in their second year, and attain their Tandem Instructor (TI) rating in year 3 or 4 on the team. 


It is a huge honour to be selected, and competition is intense, but team members remain serving members of the Parachute Regiment.  As such can be called back to Regimental Duty at any time, as happened for 3 PARA's operational deployment on Op Herrick 13.  


During the winter off season, team members will complete mandatory military training and career courses to ensure that their green army skill set can always be called upon. 

The Red Devils remain as ever, Ready For Anything. 

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