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Captain Joseph Palmer

Captain Joseph Palmer

Team Role: Officer Commanding
Jump Numbers: 350 +
Fav Dropzone: Go Jump, Oceanside, California
Ratings/ Records: FS1, JM1, CH2, TR1

Having commanded Parachute Regiment soldiers all over the world, it is truly an honour to serve here and set the conditions for the team to perform at high profile events and show off this truly awesome Army capability. In order to deliver high octane displays that thrill the public we train at the highest level, focusing on teamwork, trust and innovation, all skills that come with living the ethos of the Airborne soldier.

My favourite skydiving discipline is tracking, and in my time in the Army I have been lucky enough to kayak, skydive, and play golf, squash, football and cricket all to Corps level.

Dean Walton

Sgt Dean Walton

Team Role: Team Sergeant Major
Jump Numbers: 1000 +
Fav Dropzone: San Diego, California, USA
Ratings/ Records: FS Coach, CH Coach, BFF Coach, Tandem Instructor

Sgt Dean Walton, known as Waldo. I was Born in Portsmouth and grew up on the Isle Of Wight. I joined 3 PARA in 2004 where I was a Section Commander. I have also been an Instructor at ITC Catterick. My previous role before joining the Red Devils was as a Platoon Sgt in 1 PARA. I have been deployed on 4 Tours of Afghanistan. I have had the opportunity to conduct exercises in such places as Belize, Brunei, Kenya, Uganda, Oman, Amercia and Cyprus. My favourite skydiving disciplines are Freefly and Angle Tracking. Out of work I enjoy surfing and travelling overseas.

Tom Blakey

Cpl Tom Blakey

Team Role: Team Leader
Jump Numbers: 4200 +
Fav Dropzone: Lake Elsinore, California, USA
Ratings/ Records: Category Systems Inst, Tandem Inst, FS Coach, CF

Cpl Tom Blakey known as “2 Guns”, from Wellingborough. Joined 1 PARA in 1990, passed Pathfinder Selection in 1995, serving as a Patrol Commander, Platoon Sgt, Forward Air Controller and Jungle Warfare Instructor. I joined the Red Devils in 1999 until returning to Pathfinders in 2003. I left the Army in 2014 after 25 years of service and re-enlisted into 4 PARA six months later. I have now re-joined the Red Devils as the first Full Time Reserve Service soldier. Operational tours include Northern Ireland and Afghanistan twice, Kosovo, Macedonia and Iraq. Out of work I enjoy weight training, hill walking and Scuba diving.

Ian Cain

Cpl Ian Cain

Team Role: Jump Master
Jump Numbers: 1900+
Fav Dropzone: Netheravon
Ratings/ Records: Tandem Instructor, Tandem Cameraman, CF1, FS Coach, FS1 and CP1

Cpl Ian Cain, from Wirral in Merseyside. I joined the British Army in January 2003 and was posted to the 3rd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment. During my time in 3 PARA I have had multiple roles including Rifleman, Gunner, Radio Operator, Rifle section 2IC, Section Commander and Intelligence NCO. I have deployed operationally to Northern Ireland, Iraq and three tours of Afghanistan. I have also completed overseas exercises in Oman and Belize. I enjoy displays, 4 way Formation Skydiving, camera work and tandem skydives. Outside of skydiving I enjoy socialising, music, motorcycling and scuba diving whenever I can.

Nathan Connolly

Cpl Nathan Connolly

Team Role: Aircraft Coordinator
Jump Numbers: 4000+
Fav Dropzone: Lake Elsinore, USA
Ratings/ Records: AFF Instructor, Tandem Instructor, CF Coach, FS Coach

I’m Nathan from Rossendale. I joined 1 PARA in 1998. I served in C Company Mortars. My operational tours have been Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone and Iraq. In 2014, I took over as Team Leader from CSgt Billy Blanchard. My main focus within the team skydiving wise is Canopy Relative Work. Out of hours I enjoy mountain biking, swimming, attending rock concerts and gigs and also being with my wife & family.

Mike French

Cpl Mike French

Team Role: Team Cameraman
Jump Numbers: 3000 +
Fav Dropzone: Dubai Palm
Ratings/ Records: Tandem Inst, CF Coach, FS Coach

Known as Frenchy, originally from the Lake District. I joined the Army in 1998 at 16 years old. I spent 13 years of my career in 3 PARA before joining the Red Devils. My operational deployments have involved four tours of Northern Ireland, Kosovo, two Tours of Iraq and two of Afghanistan. I most enjoy our tandem days as I love to meet and engage with new people. Most of my spare time is spent with my family or at Crossfit.

Wayne Shorthouse

Cpl Wayne Shorthouse

Team Role: Display Coordinator
Jump Numbers: 3700 +
Fav Dropzone: Dubai Palm
Ratings/ Records: Tandem Inst, CF Coach

My name is Wayne known as Shorty from Plymouth. I joined the British Army in 2001 with the 3rd Battalion of The Parachute Regiment. During my career I have deployed twice to Northern Ireland and Iraq and also three tours of Afghanistan. I also had the opportunity to serve as a Liaison Officer to the Estonian Forces. Overseas exercise have taken me to Oman to train with Omani Special Forces and across to Italy working alongside Italian PARAS. I have a strict gym routine as I enjoy weight training, being from Devon I also enjoy surfing. Other hobbies include photography and spending time with my daughter.

Stephen Handley

Cpl Stephen Handley

Team Role: Team Rigger
Jump Numbers: 900 +
Fav Dropzone: Skydive Arizona
Ratings/ Records: Advanced Packer (S) + (T), Tandem Instructor

Cpl Stephen Handley, originally from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. I joined the 3rd Battalion of The Parachute Regiment in 2006. I later became Section Commander within my Company. Operational deployments have taken me to Afghanistan in 2008 and 2010. I have spent time on overseas exercises in Uganda, Kenya, Brunei, France, Belize and Canada. Skydiving wise I tend to focus on tracking or freeflying. My hobbies and interests out of work include base jumping, racing Enduro bikes, shooting and I have also competed in the World’s longest kayak race (444 miles) in Canada, coming in 2nd place.

Henry Mole

Cpl Henry Mole

Team Role: Rigger
Jump Numbers: 150 +
Fav Dropzone: Netheravon, UK
Ratings/ Records: FS1, TR1

My name is Henry, also known as Moley from Devon. I joined the British Army in 2006 and went to the Army Foundation College. I later joined the 1st Battalion of the Parachute Regiment in 2007. During my career i have done four operationaal tours. I have served as a section commander in a Machine Gun platoon. Overseas exercises have taken me to Oman, Kenya & America. In my spare time i enjoy going to the gym and spending time with friends & family.

Cpl Chris Ings

Cpl Chris Ings

Team Role: PR
Jump Numbers: 1000+
Fav Dropzone: Skydive Deland, USA
Ratings/ Records: USPA AAF & tandem instructor, BPA FS, WS & Tracking coach

Cpl Christopher Ings known as “Ingsy”. Born in Portsmouth and have spent most of my life there. I joined the marines in 2009, in spring 2012 I was drafted to 1 para where I spent 4 and a half years. I deployed to Afghanistan as a section commander and went on various overseas exercises and short term training teams in Belize, Germany, Bahrain, USA, Africa and Oman. I left the marines in Feb 2018 and joined 4 para being attached to the Red Devils. In my spare time I like to do any outdoor activities, scuba diving, mountain climbing and football.

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Alex Lilburn

LCpl Alex Lilburn

Team Role: Tandem Coordinator
Jump Numbers: 800+
Fav Dropzone: Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
Ratings/ Records: FS1, FF1, TR1/TR2, Canopy Handling Coach, CF1

My name is Alex Lilburn from Buxton, Derbyshire. I began my service with the 2nd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment in 2011. During my career I have conducted exercises in the Falklands, France and in Germany. Currently on my third season with the Red Devils, my preferred skydiving disciplines are Canopy Relative Work and Freefly. During my spare time I like to follow international rugby and I am also a keen golfer. I also regularly compete in local and national running races.

Rich Hamer

LCpl Rich Hamer

Team Role: Social Media
Jump Numbers: 600+
Fav Dropzone: Lake Balaton, Hungary
Ratings/ Records: FS1, FF1, TR1/TR2, CF1, WS1/WS2

LCpl Rich Hamer, originally from South London. I joined the 2nd Battalion in 2012 and served as section Machine Gunner in C Company. In 2013 I was employed as a language interpreter to work alongside our French Counterparts 2 REP (French Foreign Legion) in Corsica. A proud moment in my career was jumping into Normandy with the U.S Rangers for the 70th Anniversary of D-DAY. In 2014 I passed selection for Patrols and remained there until joining the Red Devils. My favourite skydiving disciplines are Tracking and Wingsuiting. I am also keen on outdoor adventure sports, boxing, photography, travelling abroad and learning Russian in my spare time.

Luke Hirst

LCpl Luke Hirst

Team Role: Contract Co-ordinator
Jump Numbers: 400+
Fav Dropzone: Otah Lakes, San Diego
Ratings/ Records: FS1, TR1/TR2, CF1

LCpl Luke Hirst, from Rustington in West Sussex. I Joined the 1st Battalion of the Parachute Regiment in 2011 and served as a Rifleman within B Company and later on becoming a section 2IC. During my career I have deployed on a tour of Afghanistan. I have also conducted many overseas exercises including Oman, Belize and Cyprus. In the skydiving world I have mostly been enjoying tracking jumps. I spend any spare time going to the gym, scuba diving or skydiving.

Ivan Jacobs

Pte Ivan Jacobs

Team Role: Team Cameraman
Jump Numbers: 800+
Fav Dropzone: Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
Ratings/ Records: FS1, FF1, TR1/TR2, CF1, Advanced Packer

Pte Ivan Jacobs, known as Ivan. Originally from Pretoria, South Africa. I joined the 2nd Battalion of The Parachute Regiment in 2012, served in B Company as a Rifleman, then moved to A Company where I became a Sharpshooter and Section 2IC. In 2013 I Deployed to Corsica to conduct a joint exercise with 2 REP (French Foreign Legion). Other Overseas Exercises have included Cyprus & Kenya in 2014 where conducted a Company level parachute jump. I love to have a Braai (BBQ) in my spare time and spending my weekends off with family & friends.

Cameron Clark

Pte Cameron Clark

Team Role: Rigger
Jump Numbers: 500 +
Fav Dropzone: Netheravon, UK
Ratings/ Records: FS1, FF1, TR1, CF1

My name is Cameron Clark, I am from Welwyn Garden City. I Joined the Parachute Regiment in 2012. I served within 3 PARA, C Company, as a Rifleman. I had conducted Battalion exercises in Kenya on three occasions, Falklands and America. My favourite skydiving discipline is Canopy Relative Work. Prior to joining the Army I was a Boxing National/County Champion. I also enjoy longboarding with my dog (Diesel), repairing vintage penny farthings and going to the gym.