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Tandem Skydive

If you would like to do a tandem skydive with the Red Devils please use the contact forms on our Contact Us page above or the link below. Use the tandem contact form to message our tandem coordinator who will be able to book you in to one of our tandem days in the near future!

We offer tandem skydives for solo, as a group and even for charity’s, either filmed or as a VIP package.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask when you send your enquiry over.

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One of the team’s 6 Tandem Instructors, with over 10 000 parachute descents between them, will brief you, and then hook you up to board a twin engine plane before rising to a height of around 13000 ft in approx.15 mins.

On exiting the aircraft you will freefall for around 40 seconds reaching speeds of 120mph, before your instructor will deploy your tandem parachute around 5000ft.


Under canopy you will have a chance to enjoy stunning views of the English countryside whilst slowly descending towards the ground. The flight under canopy usually takes around five minutes. Upon lanading Members of the Red Devils ground crew will assist you in de-kitting and un-hook you from your instructor allowing you to thank him for an unforgettable experience!

You may also have your Tandem Skydive photographed & filmed by one of our awesome Team Cameramen. (Subject to Availability)


Langar Airfield (near Nottingham)

Old Sarum Airfield (near Salisbury)

Special thanks to the Directors and management of both Langar Airfield & Old
Sarum Ltd for allowing us to use their facilities and premises.

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